Application Areas

  • Traffic material
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Heat sink

Light-weight transportation: light weight, high strength, great process performance, energy saving, high efficiency and environment protection

Part of our served projects: Changsha Metro line 1 ,line 2 & line 3; Guangzhou Metro line 7, line 9, line 3, line 14; aluminum tanker trailer
and aluminum van trailer manufactured by Tianli Auto Company.
Excellent heat dissipation;Light;Long work span;Low cost


Metro    Carriage truck    Vessel & Ship

Precision industrial extrusions: elegant appearance, durable, excellent heat dissipation, environment protection

Part of our served companies: Foxconn, China’s top mobile phone producers including HUAWEI.


Mobile  phone  laptop  tablet PC

High efficiency and energy saving: excellent heat dissipation, Light weight,Long work span,Lower cost


Mobile communication base stations    CPU heat sink
Photovoltaic inverter    household appliance
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