Custom Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

SNTO Aluminum Extrusion is a manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions and has been endeavoring to raise our production techniques, upgrade our facilities and striving to be the preferred premium aluminum extruder in and out of China. We are proud to have the most passionate, knowledgeable team of technology experts and experienced technicians in the extrusion industry, which enable us to plan, manage and implement production processes to achieve consistently high quality products.

SNTO is endowed with well defined and well-developed extrusion lines, and owns one of the most biggest national recognized R & D center for die design, test laboratory and die workshop. Complemented by CNC machining centers, vacuumed heat-treated ovens, controlled multi-atmosphere and nitriding ovens, our experienced and dedicated workers can complete die making with under the guidance of design drawing within 15 days. Our production of dies are characterized by precision, strength and abrasive resistance. Hence, SNTO has absolutely advantages over other competitors at aluminum extrusion industry on satisfying customer personalized demands.

The Extrusion Process

Extrusion is defined as the process of shaping material, such as aluminum, by forcing it to flow through a shaped opening in a die. Extruded material emerges as an elongated piece with the same profile as the die opening. Understanding how an extrusion press works requires identifying the press parts and explaining their use. Below is a simple diagram of a typical horizontal hydraulic extrusion press, and the direction of extrusion here is from left to right.

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Highly suitable to receive a wide range of finishes

Can easily be fabricated - cutting, drilling, punching, machining, bending, and other conventional fabrication methods

Can be joined to other aluminum products or to different materials by welding, soldering, brazing, bolts, rivets, clips, adhesives, clinching, slide-on, snap-together, interlocking joints

Can be designed for easy and reduced assembly

Can be designed and produced as complex and integral shapes

Can be designed and produced to close tolerances

Can be recycled and re-melted back into aluminum

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