Aluminum Foil for Cable Aluminum Foil

Cable aluminum foil is mainly used in construction, decoration, packing, printing, cover material, piping, electronic, elements, refrigeration, air condition, automobile, etc.

Aluminum foil in cable aluminum foil is an essential component providing long-term protection. It also insulates against magnetic and radio frequency emissions. Used in fiber-optic cables, Aluminum foil acts as a ‘tracer’ to enable testing of the integrity of cable links.

Key features

Aluminum is lighter in weight and more cost effective than copper.
Thicker film substrates provide higher dielectric and tensile strength.
Thicker foil substrates provide higher conductivity and tensile strength, and lower signal attenuation.

Custom design

Our aluminum foil is tailored and tested, ready for further processing and converting on the customers’ own production equipment.
We guarantee excellent unwinding properties and trouble-free run ability to provide maximum productivity.

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Core(mm)
1235 O 0.006-0.007 200-1640 Φ 76.2
8079 Φ 150
8011 Φ 152.4
8111 Φ 300

*According to customers’ needs

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