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SNTO Aluminum alloy semi-trailer van
Brand Name: SNTO
Location: Changsha,Hunan, China (Mainland)
Supply Ability: 1000 / Month
Min.Order Quantity: 1
Port: Shenzheng/Shanghai
FOB Price: US $ 30000-40000
Delivery Time: 30 Days after receiving the payment

The all-aluminum trailer has a huge advantage over steel as a manufacturing material. Not only does aluminum resist rust and corrosion, it is also lighter and therefore easier to pull. Trailer owners reporting better gas mileage when hauling an aluminum trailer.

Cost: Short-Term & The Long Haul

Steel trailers are cheaper up front but will cost more in maintenance in the long term since steel is more prone to corrosion and rust. It is possible to buy a galvanized finish on your trailer, but this doesn’t fully protect you from degradation. Not only does steel rust and corrode, wearing away on your investment and the integrity of your trailer, but it requires close vigilance to ensure that any minor scratches are painted before rust sets in. This goes for repairs too, and you’ll have to pay more for a proper finish.

Conversely, aluminum trailers are more expensive up front but require less overall maintenance. The only maintenance that may need to be performed is an acid wash every few years. This quickly and easily restores the aluminum to its original luster and shine and allows for a better resale value.

Light Weight = Higher Load Weight

Aluminum trailers weigh on average 10 – 15% less than steel trailers. This means that you’ll be able to haul more with an aluminum trailer versus a steel one. Additionally, you’ll save money on gas when you happen to not be carrying a load.